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The Hope of the South
Not a pro slavery mystery

      It's 1863 and the South knows that it is losing the war.  How do they survive?  The leadership determines to hide a vast treasure, that can be used to rebuild the South after Lincoln is gone.  The treasure is hidden and lost for over 133 years.  This book is not about Slavery.

     Present day, a mad man is determined to crash the World economy so that he can profit from the stock market.  He develops a plot to blanket the Eastern USA in darkness by destroying the electrical grid.  He sends multiple cells of terrorists into the US to plant the seeds of his plan. 

     My Special Projects Unit, with Director Bill Eddy and his friend Mark Jones work to stop the execution of the plan, while clues to the treasure are discovered.  This fast paced book, has all the elements of a great read!

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Chaos Above the Sand

     My second book in the Special Projects Unit series is a Prequel to my first book.  Together we experience the beginning of the SPU while the world is being attacked by Iranian madmen.  Iran's desire to be a major actor on the World Stage thrusts Bill "Wild Bill" Eddy into the spotlight when his four F-15 fighters must fight off a vastly larger invading force over Eastern Iraq. 

     The SPU is subsequently formed and the evil money-hungry Lyton's, arms dealers who have a spy inside the Pentagon, are tracked to their Cuban compound.

     During World War II, General Rommel steals part of Hitler's gold in an attempt an escape from Germany before the War swallows him up.  His timing is terrible! June 1944,  D Day causes the treasure to be lost for over 66 years. 

     Follow the SPU as they attempt to stop World War III while tracking Rommel's Gold.

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