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A Special Projects Unit Adventures
Bruce L Thomas Author LLC

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I love to fly.  I have been a professional pilot for over forty years, but now it is time to settle down and put my feet on the ground.  That's how I got started in my new writing career.  I wrote the first part of "The Hope of the South", which is not a pro-slavery book in 2002.   Something I started and put down for fifteen years.  I picked it back up in 2017 when I could see my flying career winding down.  It was published in 2018, after many starts and stops.  I learned a lot while writing this first book in my Special Projects Unit Series, some good and some bad.  Writing is not an easy process.  Every day seems to get easier.

My 24 1/2 year US Air Force Career, certainly gave me lots of writing material.  Flying single-seat A-10 Warthog fighters in Bosnia, Iraq, Kuwait, Korea and Europe allowed me to see the interworkings of the industrial-military complex.  After my military career ended, I was allowed to fly for over twenty years with Southwest Airlines.  The last fourteen years as the Captain on the Boeing 737 aircraft.  I am now retiring, to watch my nine grandkids grow and to relax with my wife Vivian.

It's been a great ride.  I hope you enjoy the GETAWAY with my Special Projects Unit Series.  These Mystery/Thriller books are designed to give you a place to escape and relax.  Thrusters on Full! 


Wild Bill Eddy, The Hope of the South Bruce Thomas, Chaos Above the Sand Bruce Thomas, The Special Projects Unit,

My Books
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The Hope of the South

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Chaos Above the Sand

My Books

My second book has been updated and completed the publishing process.  It is now available in all formats.

The podcast for my Second book is here:

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